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Will pay for a commission by YOU!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 19, 2013, 10:20 PM
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Ready, Steady, Draw!

When my tax return comes in about a week or two, I'll be setting aside a decent chunk of change for commissions of my OC's. Mainly who I have in mind are my FullMetal Alchemist characters, from my real world crossover fic I've been working on for forever, Knowing More Than Recommended.

This is all part of a plan to not only bring some new readers to the story, but also give other people the opportunity to flesh out my characters even better than I have the few times I've drawn them. I've only had a commission done once before and I was so in love with what they did, I was inspired beyond belief. I'm looking for a wide range of artists, so you don't have to be skilled in the Japanese anime style (I do want a few of those, though)! I have some scenes from the story I want drawn and I'm going to list what comes to mind below, but feel free to choose something not from my list or let me know what else you have in mind, because it'll probably be just as cool. Seriously, you are not limited. I'm pretty easy going and will leave most of the creative process up to you.
For all of my pictures of these OC's, visit my '' folder in my gallery. I've only done fanart for this story.

I have three OC's in the story: Brandon, Kelsey and Amy.
:star: I'd like to have individual commissions done as well as a group (aka 'the trio'). I will be paying the least for singles, simple or no bg, no or simple colors. If there is coloring or a detailed background, I'll be paying more. If you'd like to do the whole trio, I'll cough up even more dough. Basically, the more to the art, the more I'll be paying.
My renditions
KMTR: The Trio! by Mretie KMTR: Flight by Mretie KMTR: Character Oekaki by Mretie
:star: Each character has a certain item they crossed over into the FMA world with. If possible, include, but no big deal if you can't or don't want to.
Amy: never seen without her iPod (doesn't matter which model, but technically it's a nano).
Kelsey: Always wears pentacle necklace. Avid book reader. Usually reading new books or writing in her personal book of shadows.
Brandon: came to the world with his PSP, but also received an FMA pocketwatch for his birthday he carries around instead of a wristwatch.
:star: Each character also made a wish, which is what caused them to cross the gate.
Amy: A fresh start and release from the pain of her past
Kelsey: The greatest adventure of all time
Brandon: The best girlfriend ever

:star: Each character also identifies with a certain person or group as the story goes on.
Amy finds a place in Greed's troupe at the Devil's Nest. She also becomes romantically involved with Zolf J. Kimblee.
Specific enemies she makes include Dante, who thinks a body from beyond the gate is the key to her problems, and Envy and Colonel Archer, who she evaded capture from.
KMTR: Cuffed with the bomber by Mretie KMTR: Kiss and Tell by Mretie
Brandon is credited with saving Hughes' life in the story. He becomes romantically involved with Winry Rockbell as the story progresses.
KMTR: Innocence by Mretie
Kelsey's story plan is to become romantically involved with Edward Elric, but thus far she is only a friend. She has an easier time talking with Alphonse because of how much she and Ed butt heads. Drawn with either one or both would be fine.

:star: If you're feeling really brave, you can read a chapter and try out something similar to this:
KMTR - Chapter 33 Cover Art by Mretie
Sort of like a collage of the events in the chapter, or the story as a whole. I'll be paying the most for something that intricate.

I will include more description, personality and some other pics similar to my characters here:
:star: Amy Teller
Anime girl - Jessie by ztgong KMTR: Amy's Stats by Mretie
Long, somewhat-straight brown hair with side-sweep bangs. Rarely wears hair out of a ponytail in beginning of story, breaks this habit as story progresses. Royal blue eyes and tanned white skin. Looks more adult than her age (19) because of height (five foot six or seven). Body is very fit from dedication to taekwondo and jogging regularly. Has a mole on her cheek just below her left eye.
Notable for her short temper and no hesitation to defend those she holds dear. Has a natural motherly affection that is only seen around Kelsey or children- she is usually very harsh, sarcastic and acts tough and stuck-up as a front. Inside she is struggling to overcome being taken advantage of at her junior prom by her date.

:star: Kelsey Sonders
Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts KMTR: Kelsey's Stats by Mretie
Long red hair that curls/waves the more it grows. Usually holds bangs up in a headband. Very fair skin with a fair amount of freckles on her face, arms and legs. Emerald green eyes and a very innocent, doe-like appearance. Short for her age (16 and just over five foot) and appears feeble because of how small and petite she is.
Notable bookworm, wise for her age and a practitioner of Witchcraft. An introvert who, up to this point in her life, has been very resilient against the constant teasing and bullying in school. Fed up with people thinking she is weak and would do anything to travel around and have adventures with the Elric brothers. Rarely raises her voice out of anger or speaks brashly, is shy around new people but eventually opens up. Can be vivacious when she doesn't have her nose quietly buried in a book.

:star: Brandon Mindoah
.:Bolin by IsaiahStephens KMTR: Brandon's Stats by Mretie
(Yes that is Bolin, haha). Bodytype is like exactly like Bolin from Korra, very meaty and looks really big when he builds muscle. Brandon isn't very fit when the story begins, but living a few months outside of the American diet changes that. Dark brown hair, medium-long and quite wavy in the beginning, but he shaves his head later on and it makes him look more tough and manly. Golden-brown eyes and has an infectious smile. Appears his age (18) and is just short of six feet tall.
Brandon loves to entertain and make jokes, and comes off as someone you can't take seriously. However, he is always there if you need to lean on somebody. He can talk his way in or out of most situations and is notable for being the 'bear-hugging big brother.' Huge history buff. Lost his little sister when he was young to a tragic playing-in-the-street accident.

Certain scenes I would like to see drawn:
:star: The trio in the library just before they perform the spell that brings them through the gate. (chapter 1)
:star: Any given moment of when Greed handcuffs Amy and Kimblee together. (chapter 7-10)
:star: Ed, Al and Izumi interrogating Brandon and Kelsey after discovering the FMA episode guides (chapter 18)
:star: The scene where Ed glances into Kelsey's room and sees her performing witchcraft... and it looks identical to alchemy. (chapter 22)
:star: Epic fight between Mustang and Kimblee (chapter 20)
:star: Brandon and Winry's first kiss (chapter 31)
:star: Something from chapter 36 or 37 (when the Liore climax happens).
:star: The touching moment between Ed and Kelsey when he lets her cry on him. (chapter 43)

If you're not interested but know someone who is, please let them know I'm looking for artists like crazy! Feel free to negotiate prices with me via note. Remember, you're not limited to the things I've described above!! But please let me know you want to draw something!

Please note me to discuss, or ask general questions here. I expect to hear from you guys soon! :D

Commissions paid for so far
Brandon, Amy, and Kelsey by VividGrim

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
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